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Welcome to Sportal F1 Tipping

Welcome to the 2013 Sportal F1 Tipping competition! Register now and start tipping immediately in our F1 Predictor game. Each round, you'll be asked to predict the outcome on 8 different scenarios. Will a new team step up to win a race? Who'll qualify first? How many cars will fail to finish the race? Exclusively by, your definitive sports tipping destination!

Take on your your state and the entire competition. Set up an office comp or take on friends & relatives in your very own private tipping competition.


Play the unique Predictor!


A unique game where you predict the result of 8 possible scenarios. Submit or edit your tips right up to the start of each round.


Full results on completion of each round. Get a bonus of 2 points for predicting all results correctly.


Play against the entire competition. Set up your own office or private league with mates, invite others.

Top 5 Tippers
Alias Points Round Points
1. Octane 117 4
2. Murf 116 5
3. Nadia 116 5
4. aapveraap 115 3
5. Stilly 115 6
Alias Points Round Points
1. Jonno Trulli 109 10
2. Thomo 96 7
3. Needforspeed 106 7
4. morrisdan 106 7
5. eggbomb 109 7
Tippers distribution - round 19